Ritual Brand Evolution 

Art Direction + Design

A visual evolution of the brand identity that embodies Ritual’s core principles
of science and transparency.

Flowe Brand Identity 

Art Direction + Design

Brand identity and textile design for
FLOWE, a high performance towel
brand born from a love of movement
and nature.

Pure Beauty 

Art Direction + Design

Art direction and design across various
brand projects including editorial
photoshoots, environmental design,
print design, packaging, and social posts.

Cove Visual System

Art Direction + Design

Evolution of the brand’s visual
system across all channels.


Sam Dew ‘Moonlit Fools’ Trilogy

Title + Graphic Design

Graphic design for Sam Dew’s ‘Moonlit
Fools’ Trilogy, including title credits,
posters, and Love Tarot deck.

Love Potion No.3  

Art Direction + Design

Fall in love everyday! Fall in love with
yourself! With others! With nature!
With LOVE!

Label design and photography for
Love Potion No. 3, an intoxicating
new scent by Tiermarq.


YR Treatment Covers 

Art Direction + Design

An ongoing collaboration with director
and photographer Young Replicant.
Selected assortment of music video
treatment covers.

No Ice Shirts (Tiermarq x GB)

Shirt Design

Over 60 immigrants have died in ICE
custody since Trump took office in 2016.
Families have been separated and
children have been lost.

100% of sales donated to RAICES Texas
and Border Angels.

LATP Branding

Art Direction + Design

Almost nothing is not a pussy.

LATP Collection 001

Art Direction + Design

Design and art direction for LOOK
by Look At This Pussy’s first collection.

Exhibited at Otis Art Book Fair.

In the Comfortable Dark of My Room

Book Design

‘In the Comfortable Dark of My Room’
is a 72-page collection of black and
white photography exploring sensory
and emotional impressions of home.


SeedUniversity Course & Collateral

Graphic Design

Seed University is a social based
affiliate program focused on education.

Lacausa Holiday ‘19 Lookbook

Set Design

A soft, silky dream for Lacausa’s
Holiday Lookbook.

Inc. No World ‘Living’ Music Video  

Production Design

“You've changed me
So move and chain me
Your image
I'll be there
I'll be there”

Production design for Inc. No World’s ‘Living’
music video, directed by Young Replicant.